Business & Church Support

Free Promotion for the Local Church

Since 1983 this station has served the church by giving away free on-air announcements. This has not changed. Many churches have also requested increased air-time outside of the free on-air annoucements. So, we have also developed Enhanced Services.

CLICK HERE to download a document that will help explain these services offered to churches - Call 800-849-8930 to schedule an appointment.

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Business Ministry Partners

As a non-profit radio station, HIS Radio offers what’s referred to as “underwriting announcements.” These can be used to promote an upcoming event, a local ministry, or even to brand your business. As a listener-supported station, HIS Radio relies on the generosity of our listeners to remain on the air and one way to support our ministry is for businesses and ministries to make a monthly contribution in return for underwriting announcements. The underwriting announcements are 30 seconds in length that can broadcast on a local station or even network wide. These 30 second announcements are usually packaged together on a monthly basis to brand the business or ministry with our loyal listening audience. Short-term spot schedules and web banners are also available.

For more information about our underwriting program, contact our Business Office at:

800-849-8930 or CLICK HERE to email us!

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