Listen To HIS Radio on Devices with Amazon Alexa

You can now stream HIS Radio on devices with Amazon Alexa. Listen to your favorite contemporary Christian music, catch His Morning Crew highlights, or hear Erica’s High Five at Five. 

Just say "Alexa, open HIS Radio" then follow the prompts Alexa gives you.

How Do I Ask Alexa To Play My HIS Radio Favorites

 Once you’ve opened HIS Radio with Alexa you can ask Alexa any of the below commands:

"Alexa, tell HIS Radio..."

  • “To listen live.”
  • “To play HIS Morning Crew Highlights.”
  • “To play High Five at Five.”
  • “To play Praise.”
  • “To play HIS Z.”
  • “To play Christian Talk.”
  • “To pause.”
  • “To resume.”