Rob & Lizz On Demand: Friday, September 18, 2020

Posted on Sep 18, 2020 by Rob & Lizz

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Lizz is going apple picking, Rob is headed out on the bike, but how are you enjoying the cooler temps this weekend?

Lizz and HIS Radio’s Courtney Starr are going apple picking this weekend! What are you up to??

Fall is officially here next week, but we’re getting the weather this weekend! What are you doing? Biking like Rob? Hiking? Apple picking??

NOOOO! Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed AGAIN!!! We are sooooo disappointed!!

Rob is all about watching movies at home. Lizz totally wants to be in a theatre! Brandon is the tie breaker!

Catharine has passed out over 25k cards on her travels! You’ll love her story!

Apple released new iPads and Apple Watches! There are some really cool new features that HIS Morning Crew is excited about!

The farm could have been lost, but a community came together to help one of their neighbors. Rob and Lizz tell you what happened!

Gavin was walking down the road when he saw the back of a car was on fire! He yelled at the driver to get out, but you have to hear what happened next!

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