Rob & Lizz On Demand: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 by Rob & Lizz

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Step into Lizz's Ugly Bakery! Will TJ like what's on the menu this week? Probably not!

Lizz is having self confidence issues because of TJ's repsonse to Lizz's Ugly Bakery!

TJ says most of the stuff Lizz makes "is not bad"...who wants to hear that?? Hahahah! He's so picky!

Robert and Janice were high school sweethearts and have, like most couples, been through ups and downs in their 46 year marriage. 2020 was certainly no different

A farm in Thailand needed help getting rid of their bug problems so they brought in 10K ducks!

Tim was up late one night watching a "DuckUMentary"!

Check out the new, 80's inspired, American Girl Doll: Courtney!

In England they call it the Great British Bake Off! In America, Lizz just calls it the best of television! It's the Great British Baking Show and it's back!

HIS Morning Crew tries the new Chick Fil A sandwich that's being tested around the country! Should it be on the regular menu? Listen in...

The parade must go on! Not even a pandemic can stop this American tradition!

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