Lizz's Ugly Bakery: Apple Tart--Will TJ like it?

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 by Lizz Ryals

TJ doesn't like anything. It's true. Ok, well, not 100 true. He likes fruit, well some fruit. He likes vanilla, pumpkin and carrot (as in carrot cake). He doesn't like chocolate. He doesn't like nuts. He doesn't like dried fruit, peanut butter, coconut and a plethora of other ingredients. HOW do you please someone with this many food restrictions? It's not easy.  

This week I tried an Apple Tart! I know TJ, sort of , liked the apple pie I made back at the Fourth of July...the American Flag Apple Pie. That recipe is here

 The Apple Tart recipe I used is pretty straight foward: crust, cream, apples, glaze and done. I used a technique for the apples that I borrowed from a French Tart which uses thinly sliced apples to create a flower like design on top. I was somewhat successful!

One thing TJ may not like is the glaze. It's an apricot glaze on top of the apples to give them a shine. This is common practice, so I hear, in most French Patisseries. 

Another French Recipe you could try, just not on a rainy or humid day, are French Macarons. They are the trickiest recipe I've every tried, but so delicious! 

A couple of tips for this recipe are to make your crust early. You can make your crust a day early to give it time to chill with is VERY important in making a pie or tart crust. A tool I didn't use for this recipe, and I so should have, is a mandolin for the apples. I didn't get them sliced nearly as thin as I would have liked to, especially after I cut myself fairly badly, so a mandolin would have really helped!

Feeling really adventurous? Try another french recipe...the croquembouche! Watch those fingers!

With this recipe, you may already have most of the ingredients, other than the apples, in your pantry, so you could get started right now! Here's your recipe for this week's French Apple Tart





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