Rob & Lizz On Demand: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Posted on Sep 16, 2020 by Rob & Lizz

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NC Aquarium drained the waterfall and used the coins to pay the bills during the pandemic!
Rob and Lizz talk about how much the found!

Crystal’s daughter is autistic and only eats Spaghettio’s. During the pandemic she couldn’t find any, but her community came through!

Would you wear Sour Patch kids nail polish?? It’s on the way! Rob and Lizz talk about where to get it!

She is a 2nd grade Math Teacher who should be Teacher of the Year!!

Root canals are hard enough, but imagine having to perform 3, in one day, on a black bear!

Rachel shares her family’s story that almost ended, tragically, last year. She shares how God and HIS Radio helped them through their darkest times.

It’s sort of a donut. It’s sort of a chicken nugget. It’s fried and topped with...well, listen as HIS Morning Crew talks about the “Donug”.

You could make $17 an hour if you work for Hobby Lobby! They are raising their minimum wage soon!

Jim called to talk about his first job and how much minimum wage was at the time! He made less than $1 an hour!

Rob is not a fan of food mashups and isn’t a fan of what the Eggo company is doing to waffles and pancakes!

Donna does NOT want to try the latest food mashup that features her favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Rob and Lizz talk about some of the amazing survivor stories that have come out of those horrific California wildfires...

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