Rob & Lizz On Demand: Monday, September 14, 2020

Posted on Sep 14, 2020 by Rob & Lizz

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Decade themed Charcuterie boards are now and thing and Rob and Lizz talk about what they’re like!

Donna’s “Redneck” Charcuterie board is gonna be a hit at her next party!

Rob and Lizz talk about ChristmasTown, USA and how there will be some pandemic changes this year...

Lizz’s family went to McAdenville when she was little, but Rob had never heard of it!

She has been wheelchair bound since she was 5, but did it stop her? NO! She became a frontline nurse! Rob and Lizz share her story!

This pup is a very lucky pup! He was found by some oil riggers in the middle of the ocean. How is he today? Rob and Lizz share the good news!

When this police officer went to work she NEVER expected to encounter a GOAT or for THIS to happen!

A’Jzala started her own business during the pandemic and now she’s super successful! If you like wings, you’ll love what she’s selling!

Did your family ever watch Wipeout? Well, it’s coming back and to a whole new network with all new hosts!

College student was filming a very serious audition for school, when her mom interrupted!

Arby’s...the have the meats! By the pound, that is! Rob and Lizz talk about Arby’s getting into the deli business!

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