Merry Christmas Crew You! 12 Days of Giveaways from HIS Morning Crew

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It's better to give than to receive, but it's also super fun to win! That's why we're giving away 12 days worth of gifts in an event we're calling Merry Christmas CREW You! Each day we'll give away two of the exact same gift to one winner. They'll keep one gift for themselves and give one to a special person. Then at the end of the 12 days one grand prize winner will receive all 12 gifts! Click here to enter Merry Christmas CREW You!

Merry Christmas Crew you

Check back for updates on the daily prizes and winners: 

DAY 1: Ellie Holcomb Book Bundle

Winner: Rachel, who is giving the extra gift to her 5-year-old neighbor Mycah who is battling cancer. Listen to Rachel talk about how Mycah has helped her revive her own childlike faith. 

Day 2: Mercy Verity Candles

Winner: Tiwalolu is giving her second candle to her daughter's third grade teacher who has been a blessing in her life. Tiwalolu says she's never won anything in her life!

Day 3: Personalized Pet Ornament from Artist Marie Ploof

Winner: Amy and her mom both have elderly Golden Retrievers. Amy's mom's beloved dog was recently diganosed with cancer and given six months to live. Listen to her talk about how special this gift would be. 

Day 4: Collection of Herb & Earth Soaps

Winner: Traci won two sets of soaps, locally made by Toya at Herb & Earth. She is going to give her extra set to her grandmother, who also served as her matron of honor when she got married recently. 

Day 5: Library of Devotionals 

Winner: Jennifer won two sets of devotionals. She plans to give one set to a co-worker that has become a Christian mentor to her. The two have something cool planned for their lunch breaks starting next week. 

Day 6: Gabi's Grounds Coffee and Tumbler

Winner: Jason was today's winner. He gave his extra gift to his mom, who adopted him when his parents were killed. He says she's the reason he's the man of God he is today. 

Day 7: Collection of Signed Dave Ramsey Books

Winner: Robert won a collection of autographed Dave Ramsey books for himself and his co-worker. He says the guy is very dependable, but has struggled with his finances. 

Day 8: The Root Collective Flats

Winner: Sharon won ballet flats from The Root Collective for herself, and for her friend from church. Sylvia is a single mom with two daughters adopted from China. 

Day 9: New Release DVDs

Winner: Dianna's parents lost power in the storm this week and when they turned on their generator something malfunctioned, damaging many of their appliances. She plans to buy them a new DVD player for Christmas, and these movies will be agreat addition! 

Day 10: Necklace from Fulfill by Brooke

Winner: Michelle is giving away both of the necklaces. She plans to give one to each of her daughters, because one is going through a divorce and one is struggling with infertility. You can tell she loves her daughters very much!

Day 11: Financial Peace University and Financial Peace Jr. 

Winner: Shana's husband stepped out in faith this year and opened a new business. It's been a financially trying time for them. She plans to give her extra gift to close family friends who also went through a career change. 

Day 12: Leather Tote from ABLE 

Winner: Kathy entered to win the ABLE leather totes. She wanted to give her extra one to another teacher at her school that has a heart for missions. So now Kathy and Sheryl will be the most stylish teachers at their school! 


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