My Heritage DNA Kit Giveaway: Brothers Meet for First Time in France

Posted on Sep 27, 2018 by Alison

Someone we know and love is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, although it’s been much longer than 15 minutes! HIS Radio General Manager Allen Henderson took a My Heritage DNA test and last month found out he has a brother in France. It came as quite a shock, which he explained on HIS Morning Crew

His brother Andre has been searching for his family for his whole life and Allen was the answer to that prayer. Andre knew very little about his father, except that he was an American soldier who came to France during World War II. 

My Heritage DNA flew Allen and his wife Nelline, who also works at HIS Radio, out to France last week so that the brothers could meet for the first time. Allen and Andre have been swarmed by media from all over the world. Allen and Nell have been getting recognized on the streets of Paris and Normandy.

Allen Henderson and French Brother Andre

French TV called them and begged them to stay in France for a few more days. They even offered to pay for flights and hotels but Allen and Nell had to say no because they are due in New York City to appear on Fox and Friends Friday. 

Do you have a sibling you don’t know about? Or is there someone special in your family tree? We’re giving away some My Heritage DNA kits. There are two ways to enter to win: 

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  1. DonnaInscoe:
    Sep 28, 2018 at 07:47 AM

    I was told by my dad jokingly that I was adopted. My older sisters state thatis not true. Has still left me wondering all my life. I would just like to know for sure. Thank you, Donna

  2. Terri Clark:
    Sep 28, 2018 at 07:47 AM


  3. Norayne Hardy:
    Oct 01, 2018 at 08:42 AM

    Good Morning,
    First giving praise this morning for another blessed day!! God is great in all things. I am adopted and have been searching for my family history for over thirty years and would love the opportunity to win the DNA test. Thank you for the opportunity God bless you all and what you do you all are a blessing from God each and everyday!!

  4. Roni Anne Tomarelli:
    Oct 04, 2018 at 02:13 PM

    This is truly a neat and beautiful story. I have a similar but very different story. My sister and I were separated due to family situation, I stayed with my dad (age 8) she went to live with my dad's sister (her age 12) 4 hours away, year 1967, little means of communication. My sister later got into trouble and was likely facing jail time (stole my aunt's credit cards and charged exuberant amounts on them for her friends) so at age 16, she ran away. She was never heard from again, not a trace. I always knew in my heart she was alive and doing well, although my entire family felt she met with ill fate, I couldn't help the feeling, I just felt connected. Well, 42 years!!!!!! later, she contacted me via a cousin (aunt's son's daughter). We had both changed our first and last names at ages 18 so really, there wasn't much of a chance of either of us finding the other. She started looking for obituaries and found one that had a relative (second cousin) who wasn't even born at the time of her disappearance, and was able to find her on facebook and connected with her...the rest is HIStory.....we've been "found" since Feb 23, 2012....PS....I love the morning show! I listen to it every morning on my way to work.

  5. Faye Smith:
    Oct 04, 2018 at 02:54 PM

    I am an only child my parents and all grandparents have passed away. I do have cousins but none close. I would love to know where my family comes from and if there are any close by

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