HIS Radio's Allen Henderson Finds French Brother He Never Knew About

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 by Alison

You may remember back in the spring when HIS Morning Crew took My Heritage DNA tests. Around the same time HIS Radio General Manager Allen Henderson took the same test. Then two weeks ago he got an email that rocked his world! Allen's DNA test revealed he has a brother in France that he never knew existed.

Allen Henderson and his brother Andre

Andre is Allen's older brother. When Allen's father Bill was serving in World War II he met Andre's mother Irene. When the war ended Allen's father went back to America. He tried to get Andre's mom to join him, but since her brother was a casualty of war, her mother forbid her from leaving France. So the two never saw each other again. 

Andre spent his whole life searching for his family. His daughter-in-law Carine encouraged him to take the DNA test, which is what ultimately connected him to his brother Allen. "It has been a bit surreal getting to know our family in France; we message with them almost every day, thanks to social media! The DNA match was incredible, but when I saw his picture I knew there was no doubt that he is my older brother," says Allen. 

Allen Henderson and French Brother Andre

The brothers share an undeniable resemblence, an affinity for plaid shirts and even have identical pet cats! And both brothers share a devotion to the Lord. "Andre is retired now, but spent part of his life as an Evangelical pastor and never lost hope that God would help him discover his family one day," says Allen. "We feel like we’ve known them forever. Andre has a wonderful family, children and grandchildren. They are all amazing!" 

Don't miss Allen sharing this incredible story with HIS Morning Crew! 

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  1. Nancy Scoggins:
    Sep 07, 2018 at 07:31 AM

    God's hand at work! Awesome.

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