Cake Pop Drop! Extending Kindness Even When You're Hurt or Annoyed

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Alison

A weatherman has an on-air rant, airing his grievances about his job. Does he deserve to be reprimanded? Instead, GIVE HIM A CAKE POP!

A mom was upset with her son's teacher after she treated him unfairly. She'd like to express her annoyance. Instead, GIVE HER A CAKE POP! 

A woman is frustrated with her co-worker who bullies her. She's tempted to give her attitude each day. Instead, GIVE HER A CAKE POP!

Chocolate Moose Cake Pops

HIS Morning Crew is calling it the Cake Pop Drop. Local bakers are giving us delicious cake pops to give away. (Special thanks to Christine at Baking Sweet Scents and The Chocolate Moose!) It's one way to show grace and kindness to people that may not deserve it. Choosing to be kind is just that-- a choice! And it's a choice we must make over and over if we want to show God's love

So who would you like to receive a cake pop? Let us know in the comments below or text us at 800-447-7234. 





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