Local Woman Helps Sick Step Dad Meet Golf Idol Tiger Woods at Masters

Posted on Apr 06, 2018 by Alison

Shane Caldwell beat colon cancer twice and then a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

He’s now in stage 4 lung cancer, receiving treatment at Duke University. A few days ago his step daughter Jordan Miller went to Twitter to help make one of her stepdad’s dreams come true. A golf fanatic, she was trying to orchestrate a chance for her stepdad Shane to meet Tiger Woods at Augusta National. A family friend gave her mom and step dad free tickets to the Masters, so all Jordan had to do was organize this meeting.

Golf Fanatic Shane

Jordan was in the car driving from her home in Columbia to Augusta when HIS Morning Crew talked to her. She was hopeful that the meeting would happen, but didn't know for sure. Not long after we talked to Jordan—her hard work paid off! Her step dad Shane met Tiger Woods!

She posted the great news on Facebook writing, give me 5 days, and I’ll give you the second most famous athlete of all time??WE DID IT!!!! Thank you thank you thank you to every single person who shared, retweeted, liked, etc. You just made this guy the happiest man in the world

Tiger Woods Meets Shane at Masters

WIS talked to her mom who was thrilled to see her husband’s bucket list item checked off. "A lot of people worked today to bring him here and to give him that opportunity," she says. "This is a dream come true for him. It couldn’t come at a better time.”

 Through tears Shane told the media, "I’ve just always wanted to meet him. A lot of people knock him down for a poor choice here or there. I’ve kind of always had his back.” He also now has a signed Tiger golf glove that reads, “Stay strong!!" 

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