A Two Year Old Boy Moved to Tears While Listening to Moonlight Sonata

Posted on Apr 04, 2018 by Jim Mann

Usually when you have a two year old with you at a piano recital they are squirming to get out of there. Especially when it's classical music which it usually is. But not so for Tyler Noftz. He was sitting on daddy's lap ready to hear his big sister's performance when another student started playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Instead of wanting to get down and run around, two year old Tyler started crying. His emotional reaction was caught on video and uploaded to social media where viewers were amazed by his sensitivity to the music. Many responded by urging his parents to start him on some kind of music lessons.

We all have those certain songs that make us a little emotional. For me it's Pomp and Circumstance. Every time I hear that, of course I'm at a graduation, it does something to me. I remember my high school and college graduations. I was at my now wife's college graduation. Then along came my son's graduation and soon to be my daughter's. I also have two more after that as well as college graduations...I don't know if I can take it! I think I'll be alright though. Many shared with us on HIS Morning Crew the songs that hit them in the heart. I know many agree that it's good to be a part of HIS Radio where so many songs mean so much to Thousands of people.

Please pray about being a part of what goes on here at HIS Radio with your financial gifts and prayers. We can't do it without you! You can go online right now or call during our Friend Raiser coming up on April 9th - 13th.


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