Proud Mommy Moment! Alison Storm's Son Sammy Named Mini Mayor

Posted on Mar 27, 2018 by Alison

Mini mayor-- it's got a nice ring to it! I came up with the nickname for my son a few years ago after his outgoing personality started to emerge. Kids have many gifts, and I believe Sammy's is his ability to feel comfortable in just about every setting, with anyone he meets. And while Sammy excels in this area, other things don't come quite as easily for him. 

The first few months of his life are a blur of doctor's appointments as he had a heart defect, hip displaysia and a bunch of other stuff. He's in physical therapy and occupational therapy once a week for developmental delays. Twice a week he works with a speech therapist, something he started at age one. 

Sammy age 3

As soon as he could form sentences I'd send him on little "challenges," encouraging him to go up to people and strike up conversations-- under my close supervision of course! He loved it! And soon other people started to notice how fitting my little nickname "Mini Mayor" truly was! 

His speech therapist decided to make it official. Miss Katrina reached out to the mayor's office and set up an opportuity for Sammy to visit City Hall. I pulled together the cutest little outfit, complete with suspenders, bow tie and seersucker blazer. Sammy was a little nervous but all that melted away when he saw his family waiting for him in the lobby of City Hall. 

Mini Mayor Sammy in Council Chambers

We rode the elevator up to the 10th floor and Sammy's enthusiasm was off the charts! The doors opened and Mayor Knox White was standing there to greet us all! City Councilwoman Amy Doyle was also there to escort us to council chambers where Sammy was treated to the honor of sitting in Mayor White's seat. Sammy loved using the microphone and gavel and seemed to feel right at home! 

After reluctantly giving up his gavel, Sammy was ushered into the mayor's office where he was presented with a Mini Mayor t-shirt, toy recycle truck and other Greenville goodies. After this official business, we all went down to Main Street and had an inauguration party complete with custom cookies, balloons and a massive banner for supporters to sign. It was all organized by his loving speech therapist! Sammy loved every minute of it! I cannot say enough about Miss Katrina, she loves my son and wants the beset for him! 

Sammy and Speech Therapist Katrina

Things like kicking a ball, climbing stairs or jumping take a lot of work and practice for Sammy. But relating to people and putting smiles on their faces-- that's simple! I would love to see lots of Mini Mayors in our communities! Little people focused on spreading kindness, compassion and love in a way that makes our world a better place to live! 

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  1. Jerrie Reese:
    Apr 13, 2018 at 09:26 AM

    This is truly a heartwarming story. Congratulations Sammy. Keep up the good work, Mini Mayor.

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