Groom leaves wedding photo shoot for the best reason!

Posted on Aug 10, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

Zac and Cindy Edwards literally just got married on the beach. The wedding photo shoot was underway when they all heard a woman scream.

Turns out a teenager named Jamel Robinson was drowning in the ocean. He'd been on his boogie board and got caught in the strong currents. Rescuers were already busy assisting another swimmer, but thank God the groom just happened to be a Coast Guard petty officer. Cindy encouraged her hero husband to save the boy! 

With only time to remove his shirt, Zac dove into the water. Cindy waded into the surf in her beautiful dress, a cheerleader on the sidelines.

Zac got to Jamel and began pulling the boy toward shore. To the bride's eyes, it appeared her husband was tiring on their swim back, but just in time, reinforcement arrived. The rescuers, including Zac, got Jamel on a jetski and safely back on sand. Then the groom hopped a jetski of his own.

Jamel thanked Zac for saving his life. Everyone agrees the entire scene was providential!

High 5 at 5

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