Bethel Church takes "God-sized step of faith!"

Posted on Aug 09, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

Bethel Church is blessing every family who lost a home in the Carr Fire with $1,000, in what they're describing as a "God-sized step of faith."

Originally, they expected to help about 200 households, but the number of families who've lost their homes in Redding, California has climbed to over 1000. This means they're raising over one million dollars.  The church, which is the home of Bethel Music, is believing God will provide. 

But they're doing more than giving money - they're giving their time too. Bethel's "Ash Out" teams will inspire you.  Hundreds of folks are volunteering to help residents sift through the ashes of their homes on a search for important or meaningful belongings.  

"We cannot begin to describe the feeling of helping someone who lost their home find something that they thought was gone forever," the church shared on Facebook. "This is part of what it means to live like Jesus-- to link hands together as we move forward."

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Bethel Church takes "God-sized step of faith!" wildfires in Carr California

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