Celebrating Christmas in July pajamas style!

Posted on Jul 31, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

You could call Jo Alch a Christmas in July angel, but just know she puts those wings back on in December too.

Jo runs her own home care organization in Dallas, but for many years she was a hospice nurse.  Caring for the precious low income seniors always tugged on her heart strings.  Most of her patients have nothing but a hospital gown to call their own. 

As you may have noticed in your life, your own heartbreak often leads to healing in the lives of others, and ultimately your own.  That's how "Pajamas for Seniors" was born!

One of Jo's cherished memories as a child was opening a special present from her grandmother every Christmas Eve. It was always a brand-new nightgown and she got excited about it every year.  Jo wanted to re-create that happy experience for her sweet patients, so she collects pajamas twice a year to bless them.

It's amazing how a simple gift can make such a difference. “These people have paved our streets, they taught us to read and write, they made a difference in our lives, so it’s our turn to give back,” said Krissa Shockey, who runs business operations for Jo.  "If we can bless one person, it makes it all worth it.” 

High 5 at 5

                                                                     Story Sources: WFAA and MSN

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