Stranger pays $1.20 library fine for sweet lady!

Posted on Jun 28, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

I know you are always looking for stories that good things still happen in our world, and I have one story to share with you. I work at the County Library, and a sweet old lady came in to check out 3 books. I could tell from her account that she was born in 1927. She had a library fine of 1.20 cents from returning books late.

I felt bad, but I told her about the fine, and I told her she didn't have to pay it today. The next patron in line, Linda, told me quietly, "I want to pay off her fine." I have worked in the library 6 months and never seen someone pay off someone's fine that wasn't family. Just wanted to share this story that yes, there are good people in this world!

~Lisa, member of the HIS Radio Family

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