Why Carl Webb has sung Happy Birthday 36,000 times!

Posted on Jun 25, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

People don't like to answer the phones these days... except when Carl Webb calls.  He's 99 years young and still has the pipes to sing happy birthday... which he does every day, several times.   

For 18 years, he's been calling his Westminster Presbyterian Church family. He usually sings "Happy Birthday" to several folks daily! Carl has logged somewhere between 35,000 and 36,000 welcome calls. 

Back in the day, Carl was a successful real estate agent, but his real passion has always been singing. He sang in the church choir as a teenager, and as a grownup at weddings and funerals, and even in a barbershop quartet!

“All my life I’ve been a ham wanting to sing to people,” Carl admits. “I’ve always wanted to sing about Jesus to others.”

Unfortunately, he had to stop singing in the choir because he couldn't see the music. For a time, because of a debilitating eye disease, the only thing Carl could really do at church... was attend.  The talented tenor finally said, "I just can’t sit here."

So, that's how he got the idea of calling folks and singing happy birthday. Emily Black, an administrative assistant at the church prints out the birthday list every month for Carl in large type so he can read the names and phone numbers. "People find such joy in it," Emily says. "He’s somebody who’s trying to use the gifts God has given him as other windows are closed."

Recently, Carl couldn't be at church on his birthday, so the congregation sang to him!

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Photo Credit:  Greensboro News & Record 

Story Source: NBC News and Greensboro News & Record 


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