Alaska Airlines recognizes precious cargo!

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

Concetta Immacolata Mongiardo was the light of her granddaughter Kathryn's life. On her 100th birthday, Kathryn snapped a picture of her grandma. It would become her favorite.

Nan lived to be 103 and Kathryn turned the picture into a poster to be displayed at her grandma's funeral.   

So, Kathryn wrapped the treasure in cardboard to protect it on her cross country flight. When she explained her story, Lourdes Pedemonte, the gate agent, cried along with Kathryn.

Lourdes promised that Nan wouldn't have to fly in the cargo hold. In fact, Nan would be lovingly placed in the cockpit. She would be protected by the pilots.

Flight attendant Pam Keck greeted Kathryn when she arrived on the plane, saying, 'you must be the woman with some precious cargo.'

The pilots made eye contact with Kathryn and told me not to worry... that they would take good care of Nan.

Kathyrn says, "I really hope Ms. Pedemonte, Ms. Keck, and the pilots know the depths of my gratitude for the kindness and compassion they showed me that day."

Story source: Sunny Skyz and Facebook 

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  1. Tony H:
    May 15, 2018 at 05:12 PM

    coo dos staff at alaska airlines. to sunny sorry for your loss. god bless you girl and god bless his radio for such uplifting christian music in such a negative world. my heart goes out to you girl.

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