Why this little boy does the happy dance on Trash Day!

Posted on May 09, 2018 by Erica Parkerson

Every Tuesday, there's a three year old who does the happy dance. That's because he knows his pals will soon roll down the street!

One particular Trash Day, Kathleen Reynolds was outside playing with her grandson, wearing her Alabama sweatshirt. One sanitation worker called out, "Roll Tide!" ...clearly he's a fellow Alabama fan. Grandma and Grandson smiled and waved.  But Kyler didn't forget the exchange of kindness. He wanted to repeat it the next Tuesday!

Soon, it became the highlight of Kyler's week, to wave to his new friends on Trash Day. By Christmas, the family started making treats for their friends who drive the big truck. Now, the guys are teaching Kyler how to operate it! 

When he sees the big truck pull around the corner, the happy dance begins.

High 5 at 5


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