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New Wine Christian Center (NWCC) is a non-denominational church founded in 1998 by Apostle Donald Graham. New Wine Christian Center is directed under the parent ministry Centers of Great Commission, also founded in 2001 by Apostle Donald Graham and acts as the headquarters for both ministries. We believe in the five fold ministry established in the book of Ephesians 4:11-12. Our purpose in ministry is to perfect the saints for the edifying of the Body of Christ and the work the ministry. We also believe in the great commission spoken of in Mark 16:15-18, and work diligently to prepare ministers for what they will encounter in this last day move to reach souls. We clearly understand we are just one of the organs in the body of Christ and must endeavor to keep the unity of the faith. Because of the exponential curve of last day events according to Matthew 24, we take seriously our responsibility to the Body of Christ and to God. For this reason we avail ourselves to fasting and prayer that we may carry out the divine purpose of God with pin point accuracy, and live as the vessels of God. We stand on the belief that anything done outside the dimension of love is not of God, regardless if it is ministry, humanitarian acts, etc. God is love and we are of God!

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