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Soccer practice, social media, homework, and cable,
HIS Radio Family, it’s time to “Take back the table!”
Dust off the crockpot and don’t forget the veg!
We’re inviting you to take our pledge!
We will have dinner together once a week or thrice,
It may be fast food or slow cooked chicken and rice.
Our table will be a technology free zone,
That includes each iPod, iPad and smart phone.
Eye contact, great conversation, and belly laughs are our goals,
Time to break out our plates and glasses and bowls!
We’re here to say family time is not an old-fashioned fable…
We are ready to TAKE BACK THE TABLE!


...And the Grand Prize Winner is... the Dempsey Family!

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Join HIS Radio as we pledge to Take Back the Table! Commit to spending time together as a family around the table three (3) nights a week without electronics. 

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Here are a few items you can download and print to help your family with Taking Back the Table!

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