Why the Christmas Music?

Why the Christmas Music
Beginning now, HIS Radio will be switching to ALL Christmas music through Christmas Day!
The number one reason we do this is to attract new people to the station and Christian music. While a majority of the HIS Radio listening family tell us they love the all-Christmas music format, an overwhelming number of people who don’t normally listen to HIS Radio also love Christmas music, and they actually go looking for it at Christmas time. It’s the one time of year that people will intentionally switch from their regular radio station to find a station playing Christmas music. It’s an incredible opportunity to reach people with the love and hope of Jesus!
We know that many people discover HIS Radio and keep listening after the Christmas season based on letters, emails, Facebook posts and surveys.
In all we do at HIS Radio, we desire our friends, neighbors and family to hear the TRUE meaning of Christmas: the story of a baby in a manger, grown to become the hope of men, and the gift of salvation available to all who will simply choose to receive it.
And quite honestly, of all the stations around here, which one should be playing all Christmas music?!
While selecting the songs that will make up this year’s Christmas playlist, we have looked for songs that represent the message of Christ, and songs that are classic favorites that you and your family will know and love.
Merry Christmas from your HIS Radio Family!