Karyn Criswell

Karyn Criswell

Network Accountant

About Karyn Criswell

I was born & raised in Warner Robins, GA.  I grew up in a loving Christian home, with mom, dad, 2 brothers and a sister!  I am the baby of the family... but was NEVER spoiled, of course!  Ha!  Upon graduating from high school, I attended college at Georgia Southwestern University, in Americus, GA.  I started out as a nursing major, and that lasted about 6 weeks! (It takes just the right person, which is not me!  I have the utmost respect for nurses & anyone in that field!!)   After a couple of years of "major - undecided", I discovered that I loved accounting!  I earned my degree in accounting, and pursued my CPA certification shortly thereafter. 

I worked in Atlanta for many years, and ended up in South Carolina in 2002, when I married my husband, Todd!  I love the Carolinas!  I guess I'll always be a "Georgia Peach" in my heart, though.  I have worked at His Radio since 2003, and feel like I'm truly part of a family here.  I am so thankful that God orchestrated everything the way that only HE can do!  There are so many details in-between, with which I will not bore you!  But, just know that His timing is always perfect, even if we can't see it in the moment. 

Todd and I have one wonderful son, Jacob.  He is such a joy, and he really does keep us "young", and on our toes!  He has such a great sense of humor, and loves to make people laugh.  We are so thankful that God chose us for the honor of being his parents. He is definitley a gift from God!

We are members of Grace Church, and are so amazed at what an impact it has on our lives, to be involved and really plugged in to our home church.  The support and love of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is so important... as God calls us to be in community with other Christians.

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