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Jim Mann

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I grew up in the lovely little town of Baltimore. I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood. But the story really begins back when my mother was a little girl. She was born crippled. She had no muscle development in either leg or her right arm and shoulder. But one day two ladies came by inviting families to their church. They saw my mother dragging herself through the house as a 5 or 6 year old. They asked to pray for her and then went on their way. Nothing really happened… until the next morning.

My grandparents heard a lot of commotion coming from my mother’s room. They ran in to find her standing for the first time in her life! She had full muscle development in her legs and arm. She had to learn to walk. So my family decided that there was something to this God. Now the entire family to my knowledge is serving the Lord.

Well, in 1980 I felt like God was calling me into the ministry. Not sure in what capacity but I packed up and moved to Florida to attend Southeastern University to study Music. (I even use my skills sometimes on HIS Morning Crew.) It was in Florida that I met my lovely wife Tracy who was also studying Music at a nearby college. We married in ‘89, I got into radio a year later and we started our family 3 years after that. It took us 14 years but we finally got the 4 kids that we planned for. I was playing in the worship band at Carpenter’s Home church and worked at WCIE while my wife was teaching Chorus at the high school. Everything was going great…busy but great.

Then came the call while I was at a Radio Conference at Disney on September 7, 2016. I had cancer. An aggressive form of melanoma. My world seemed to come to a stop. Priorities instantly changed. My wife and kids were all I could think of.  I told God that it would be really nice if I came across Mark Hall of Casting Crowns while I was there since he just went through his journey with cancer. That evening as I was leaving an event at the Contemporary, there was only one person sitting out front on a bench looking at me as I walked out. It was Mark Hall. We talked about the call that I just received and the journey that he just went through. And then he prayed with me. It was as if God was letting me know that He was at my side wherever this journey was going to take me. I met with the surgeon the day I got back. They let me know that it was way beyond their charts and all signs showed that it had spread. I went into surgery that week and started the long painful months of recovery with more surgeries and chemo in the near future. But several HIS Radio artists, coworkers, family and thousands of listeners started praying.

After 6 weeks away following my cancer surgery I returned to HIS Morning Crew and announced the news: the cancer was GONE! It's been amazing to see how sharing my story has inspired other people-- and even helped one woman detect her cancer early! Every day I bring my own brand of humor to the show, whether I’m sharing a Cat Story or surprising someone during a Mann on a Mission. I don’t know what the future holds but I am ready for whatever He has for me. I’m just glad that God can use my story to encourage others here at HIS Radio.

I like what Jennifer Rothschild said at Revive Us 2…”Earth is short Heaven is long”

Jim also has a Voice-Over business which fills in any free time that might show its face.