Gary Miller

Gary Miller

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About Gary Miller

Gary was born in Greensboro, N. C. in January of 1953, the fourth of five siblings belonging to Cliff and Maurine Miller. In 1964, Gary’s father was transferred by the FBI to Minneapolis, Minnesota and the family began eight years of arctic survival.

In 1971, Gary escaped from the frozen tundra and returned to his home state to begin his higher education at Catawba College in Salisbury. In high school and college, Gary spent much of his time on school newspapers but his real passion was radio, so upon his graduation from Catawba, he earned his broadcasting license and began his radio career in 1976 in Greer, S.C., eventually ending up doing a morning show for several years at a country station in Greenwood, S.C. But all of that was just a set up for what was about to happen.

In the spring of 1979, after a series of events, Gary was drawn into a profound encounter with God. Kneeling at a couch in his garage apartment, Gary gave his life to Jesus and was never the same again. He left radio and began a career in sales but God brought him back into radio to prepare him for a new station that was about to begin in Greenville, S.C. which he would join on Thanksgiving night in 1983. That station, which was the first in the area to play fulltime contemporary Christian music, later blossomed into the His Radio Network.


Gary has been married to his loving wife (and best friend), Leanne, for 36 years. They have two sons, Jeremy and Benjamin, and a daughter, Miranda, as well as five grandchildren. The family is now spread out between North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida but when they get together, Gary tries to make them watch an old movie so they can be entertained but with decent values. Or, maybe, he’s just trying to hang on to the past.