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Alison Storm

HIS Morning Crew Co-Host with Rob, Alison and Jim

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“Have you ever thought about doing morning radio?” That’s the text I got from Rob Dempsey back in 2014. I was sitting on my couch, my son napping upstairs. Truth is, yes, I had. I’d just never been daring enough to believe that dream could come true. But God answers prayers, even the ones we’re not bold enough to pray.

You see, my background is in TV news. I started my career in my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa. I was the reporter covering high profile court cases or getting pelted by hurricanes. (THIS was one of the highlights of my career!) As exciting as that sounds, the sparkle wore off and I was left feeling very empty. In hindsight, I was too focused on climbing the ladder of success. The higher I climbed the shallower it felt. I burned out.

My television career ended just as my marriage began. Tim is from Northern Ireland and owns his own search engine optimization company. I spent several years freelance writing. I found a niche I was passionate about and wrote hundreds of blog posts about saving money. (My husband and I even got to do our debt-free scream at a Dave Ramsey event!) I also wrote for magazines like REDBOOK and Self. These days I’ve whittled my writing career down to working as the features editor for BELLE Magazine, a local women’s magazine.

The shining star of my life is my son Sammy. (He’s seriously adorable and calls me the funniest nickname!) When he was born the doctors gave me a long list of things that weren’t quite right with him—literally from his head to his toes. They told me all those little things could add up to something quite devastating. The first years of Sammy’s life were extremely stressful, filled with countless doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions. I wish I could say I trusted God to work it all out, but I didn’t always do that. There were plenty of days filled with worry and tears. You know how everyone says kids grow up so fast? That’s definitely NOT how it felt for me. The days were agonizing as I waited for him to reach milestones. Thankfully God healed his hips and his heart and he’s made wonderful strides catching up in areas where he was delayed. It’s been such a gift to watch him grow into a giving, loving, outgoing young man with so much joyful personality! He loves visiting the HIS Radio studio!

Adoption is something else I’m very passionate about. I love featuring inspiring families and their adoption stories on HIS Morning Crew. In 2016 my husband and I decided to stop thinking and talking about adoption and actually follow God’s call on our lives to do it. For years we let the massive price tag stop us from moving forward, but it turns out that was the easiest part of the process! When God calls, God provides! The hardest part has been the waiting. But we eagerly anticipate the day when our child joins our family. And you can bet I’ll be sharing that part of the story on HIS Morning Crew, a place in which I’m honored to serve.

What I love about working with Rob and Jim on HIS Morning Crew is that we’re not one thing. Real people aren’t always happy or always goofy or always emotional. And we aren’t either. I absolutely love to laugh and have fun, but I’m not afraid to cry when I’m feeling sad. Being a TV reporter didn’t allow for that level of authenticity, and that’s what I try to bring to the studio each day. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, we must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God. And I’m so glad He used a simple text message to interrupt my life so that I could serve Him through the ministry of HIS Radio.


Yes, Storm is my real name. And yes, it would be great if I did the weather and in fact I used to– way back when at KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa. Feel free to connect with me. As you can see I’m pretty easy to reach.