Tea Party Etiquette and a Downton Abbey Giveaway

Season five of the PBS hit Downton Abbey airs Sunday. In honor of the event the HIS Morning Crew held a Downtown Abbey tea party. With the help of etiquette expert Angie Mosley we learned a few rules:

1. Serve the guest of honor first. And never fill their tea cup more than 3/4 full.

2. Don’t hold your pinky up! Gently grasp the handle of your tea cup.

3. Eat your scone by tearing off one piece at a time.

For the full lesson be sure to watch this video of our interview:

Are you a big fan of the show? Then enter to win our Downtown Abbey Prize Pack that includes tea, towels, tote bag, thank you notes and more!
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The Big Dress Debate: What Color Do You See?

The internet is going crazy over the color of a dress. Are you team #whiteandgold or team #blueandblack?

The Dress


Hawk Nelson says they’re going with gold and white:

dress hawk nelson

The debate got pretty intense among Kari Jobe and everyone on her tour bus:

dress kari jobe insta


It was all just a little too much for Mark Waldrop with the David Crowder Band:

dress Mark Waldrop

According to Wired Magazine, “This fight is about more than just social media—it’s about primal biology and the way human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world.”

We’ve got to know– what color do you see?

Image Credit

Elsa Surprises Two of Her Biggest Little Fans

She’s the Disney princess kids everywhere adore: Elsa!

Elsa at HIS Radio

Elsa stopped by HIS Radio and she had this to say to parents who may be just a tad annoyed with Frozen:

Then we sent her off to surprise two of her biggest little fans, five year old Miller and two year old Madden. They came to the door, saw Elsa and screamed with joy!

Elsa quickly organized a dance party for the girls to her favorite song: Let It Go!

Special thanks to Elsa from Greenville Princess Parties for joining us on HIS Radio. If you want Elsa to stop by your house check out her Facebook page. 

Brandon Heath Fans: Win an Exclusive Handmade Coffee Mug!

Brandon Heath spent time with the HIS Morning Crew to promote his new album No Turning Back. He also did something he’s never done before… paint pottery! Not only did he paint a mug for his lovely new bride, he also painted one for someone else– and it could be YOU!

Brandon Heath Mug Pic

Enter to win Brandon’s custom No Turning Back coffee mug. We’ll even stuff it with some Heath bars. We’ll choose a random winner on Friday, February 20.

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The 2015 Grammys: A Big Night for Lecrae and For King & Country

On music’s biggest night Lecrae and For King & Country celebrated big wins for Christian music.

Lecrae’s song “Messangers” featuring For King & Country won Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. The winner for Contemporary Christian Music Album was For King & Country’s album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.” 

FK&C shared their thoughts backstage at a concert in Nashville.

Christian artist Natalie Grant attended the awards show with her husband Bernie and shared some pictures on her Instagram page:

Natalie Grant Grammys 2

Natalie and Bernie also caught up with Lecrae and his wife Darragh:

Natalie Grant Grammys with Lecrae

Who does Lecrae thank first during his Grammy speech? The Giver of all gifts!



Lecrae talked backstage about his creative process and what it feels like to win a Grammy:

And here is the entire Lecrae team sharing their gratitude at the Grammy Thank You Cam after their win.

Photographer Fighting Bullying with a Lens

Photographer Tiffany Moon is helping victims of bullying to discover their beauty. After following her passion for taking pictures, Tiffany says she wanted to use her God-given talent to help others who have been bullied. Tiffany was bullied as a child and also watched her son struggle with it. The first girl she helped is 12-year-old Abby, a victim of bullying since the first grade.


You can learn more about how to get involved with the I Am Beautiful Project on Facebook. Watch Tiffany and Abby’s entire interview here:

Photographer’s Mission to End Bullying from HIS Radio on Vimeo.

Hawk Nelson Pays HIS Morning Crew a visit

Jon and Daniel from Hawk Nelson dropped by today. It was a fun visit as the helped Rob and Alison bring Jim Mann a little fashion sense

Hawk Nelson Joins the HIS Morning Crew from HIS Radio

Producer Jim Mann Gets a Hawk Nelson Makeover from HIS Radio

Hawk Nelson’s New Song Drops in the Ocean from HIS Radio


Tammy Trent Talks About Bestie’s Star Studded Wedding

Michael W. Smith and Candace Cameron Bure walked down the aisle together last weekend. Obviously they weren’t the ones getting hitched– they were both in the wedding party for their friends Anita Rundell and Jim Daneker.

Wedding Candace and MWS

Jim is Michael W. Smith’s longtime keyboardist. Anita works for Christian artist Tammy Trent.


Wedding ANita and Jim

Despite both having connections to the Christian music industry, Anita and Jim actually met through the dating site Christian Mingle.

Wedding pic 2

Tammy and Michael W. Smith were also the wedding singers– not bad!

Wedding pic 1

Tammy Trent joined the HIS Morning Crew to talk about her best friend’s wedding.

Tammy Trent Dishes About Bestie’s Star Studded Wedding from HIS Radio on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Tammy for sharing your photos and video with us!



Have a Question for Matthew West?

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