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Show Highlights


A formerly obese Dachshund poses for a calendar and a kitten turns the Christmas tree into a toy.  A lady drops her wedding rings in the Salvation Army kettle and Susan shares what His Radio means to her.  Dogs that ride in the motorcycle sidecars and alpacas are used as therapy in Germany.  Elves deliver shelter puppies and a six year old writes a book to help his friend.  A NC family stars in the Great Christmas Light Fight reality show and a Spartanburg student wants letters instead of gifts for Christmas.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A magical trip to the North Pole for kids battling illness and a crane smashes through a house during a failed proposal.  Some hilarious sign fails and a toddler shows his ability to change emotions.  An epic second wedding on their ten year anniversary and kids talk about their parents.  Funny letters to Santa and Santa brings a soldier home to the kids.  Things said ten years ago that don’t make sense today and the Duggars send out their Christmas cards.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Rob talks about his trip to Ecuador and Dave from Sidewalk Prophets shares his memories of Christmas.  Bald Cinderella helps a little girl with cancel and an Officer buys food for a shoplifter.  Jennifer shares what His Radio means to her and an 81 year old Chinese Grandma goes skydiving.  A man with Parkinson’s inspires others with his Christmas light display and a college student gets kisses from strangers in the streets of Chicago.  A kid asks a politician a math question and a toddler is confused when see his first set of twins.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A turquoise colored cat roams the streets of Bulgaria and police bring a tree and decorations to a needy family.  America’s first Vegan Butcher shop opens up and Moriah Peters talks about her favorite Christmas memories.  A man works seven years to complete an intricate maze, a man drinks ten cokes a day and an update on the 90 year old man arrested for feeding the homeless.   HEAR IT HERE...
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America takes back Christmas Lights Record and the color of your coffee mug impacts the taste.  Natalie Grant talks about her show, It Takes a Church and a family has 12 boys and no girls.  Alison shares some more of her favorites and you can win coffee for life.  Some people sing the wrong lyrics to Christmas songs and a Boy Scout earns all 135 Merit Badges.  After his dad’s simple request, a man with Down Syndrome gets 42,000 Birthday Cards.   HEAR IT HERE...
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