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Show Highlights


Sandra Hartsell talks about her journey to health as one of Rob’s Big Losers and a zoo offers cockroaches for Valentine’s Day.  You need to get your Sky Mall orders in quick and a man loses his Super Bowl Credentials because of a Facebook post.  A four year old girl saves her pregnant mom’s life and the Drop Box is going to be a movie.  Jason Moon tells us why he wanted to be a Rob’s Big Losers and some contestants have a brain freeze on The Wheel of Fortune.  A photographer is on a mission to stop bullying and New York didn’t quite get the snow that was forcast.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Monopoly celebrates eighty years and eGlasses helps a legally blind mom see her newborn.  Teen raises money for soccer balls and Natalia Mayley is one of this year’s Rob’s Big Losers.  The Patriots have a Growing Pains parody video and a Christian Blogger sparks a debate about leggings.  A formally unemployed man is now hiring, a Swiss company will find a unique name for your baby and Willie Morris Skypes in to talk about Faithbox.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A Super Bowl ad spotlights dads and Johnette Payne talks about her journey to health as one of Rob’s Big Losers.  A little girl surprises special needs kids with iPads and a goat gets a bag of chips stuck on his head.  Some student’s inventions help out the homeless and there’s a new type of selfies.  A kitten is obsessed with the tail of a Dalmatian and Hawk Nelson stops by the studio for a little fun.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Mary the Nail Fairy visits the hospitals and an artist designs suits of armor for cats.  A little girl tells her friend she’s going to Disney and Roo the dog jumps around on two legs.  When a blind man proposes to his girlfriend she walks away and a man is nearly crushed in a garbage truck.  Six year old Malcolm is flown to his cancer treatments in a corporate jet and today is Hot Sauce Day.  Two of Rob’s Big Losers talk about why they are taking this journey.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A Seattle Seahawk fan has the winning football from the game and a local woman sits with the First Lady at the State of the Union Address.  A Bull Dog puppy takes on a water bottle and we take the Duck Dynasty test.  A beggar in London takes credit cards and it seems that you can’t eat and drive.  Rob’s Big Losers kicked off last night and a boy wanted a vacuum for his birthday.  Tammy Trent Skypes in to talk about her friend’s wedding.   HEAR IT HERE...
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