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Show Highlights


Fad Diets not to try and all Danny wants for his Birthday are cards.  Stand Down at the Beach is coming to Myrtle Beach and a Vet’s wheelchair broke down in Lowe’s.  The newest water ride on the river and a homeless man has an art show.  The was a Beard and Mustache competition in Raleigh and a house too clean could make you sick.  An elderly man breaks out in a dance, a fight breaks out on live TV over politics and a free fall ride that drops you 100 feet into a net.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Crazy ways that LEGOS make everyday life easier and a kitten sees himself in a mirror for the first time.  Crazy over-priced toys for the rich and Cops stop to play some ball with the teens.  Pets get involved with their owner’s Yoga and an 84 year old lady takes on the coyotes.  A girl steals some dresses and then post pictures of them on her Facebook and an adorable picture of three little girls that are Cancer Survivors.  Don Campbell of Feeding Children Everywhere, Skypes in from Dallas and four cobras protect a sleeping baby.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Cab Drivers go to Charm School to compete with Uber and common words you never knew were actually acronyms.  Bella is smitten by a kitten and a 2 year old girl is upset that her daddy took her nose.  Zendaya would not compromise her standards for a part, 4th & 5th graders want Dunkin’ Donuts to stop serving their coffee in Styrofoam cups and Humpback Whales entertain boaters.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Four ways to start your day off right and some twelve year olds pull in a 692 pound shark.  One Doctor sings to every baby that he delivers and the siblings react to a new baby announcement.  A new App that helps you take pictures of your dog and a News Reporter swallows a fly on the air.  Common Core is in the news again and former gymnast becomes the first woman to finish the American Ninja Warrior course.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Lay’s newest flavor is Cappuccino and NC makes the new hospital ratings list.  A new app that allows SC students to report a bully and a couple sheds 280 pounds.  A snake causes 2,000 homes to lose power and a 40 year old mom becomes an NFL cheerleader.  A Comcast Customer Service Rep doesn’t want to lose a customer, a couple still have it after 72 years of marriage and David Dunn stops by the studio.   HEAR IT HERE...
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