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Show Highlights


A dog finds out how bouncy the bed is and some bus drivers that are heroes.  A teacher donates his skeleton to the classroom and a school bus that has a jet engine.  Too many people are taking selfies with bears and George Washington is no longer with us.  A robot that helps you shop, Tinker Bell has a short life and a Pro Football player invites shoppers into his Can Cave.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A 100 year old Math Teacher and a hero turns down millions for his Batmobile.  A windowless airplane gives incredible views and a father leaves amazing final gift for his daughter.  The nation’s first Cat Café opens and a toddler gets stuck in a claw machine.  It’s National Cat Day and two cats stop by the studio to compete for America’s Next Top Cat.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Historic NC church closes after 220 years and 20 cats who hate their outfits.  Singer botches the National Anthem at the World Series and Brandon Heath fights against an early Christmas.  A Billionaire’s yacht docks in Charleston and bees attack a drone in midair.  Dogs sporting costumes and Lindsay Holder and Natasha Hines stop by the studio to give facials and massages.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Dreams come true for a Panther Fan with Autism and a gender reveal cake gone wrong.  A Japanese Turtle Taxi promises to drive you slow and Alison’s husband celebrates becoming an American while Rob tours DC.  Five words we should say more often and last year’s winner of the Family Reunion stops by.  Food experts love organic food that is really McDonalds and Korea has the new Double Down from KFC.  An artist uses his tongue to paint pictures and a dog gets impatient waiting in the car.   HEAR IT HERE...
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One man is on a quest to have coffee with each of his Facebook friends and two dogs work together to retrieve a ball from the pool.  A morning selfie is Unicef’s wake-up call and a dog makes a living as a clothes model.  A hawk attacks a drone and Jim beats Alison at Woodkopf.  Larry and Jerry Hester Skype in to talk about his new sight and a girl makes her own wedding dress for 30 dollars.  An artist uses a sharpie to transform her husband’s car and a spectator jumps over a motorcycle and continues his phone call.   HEAR IT HERE...
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