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Show Highlights


Baron, the German Shepherd can use the toilet and YouTube turns ten years old.  The Duggar girls get glam for People Magazine and an elderly woman dreams of being on The Tonight Show.  A retired man gets the nickname of Sandwich Man for a good reason and a big brother bonds with his little brother.  Curtis calls in to offer help for two year old Lachlan and there’s an Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Hammer prank.  Jamie Grace car auction ends tomorrow and a BMW parks itself while the driver stands by.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A girl surprises her nurse in a huge way and a man wants to launch a Dog Naming Business.  Disabled toddler gets a puppy without a paw and a generous stranger buys dozens of roses to give away.  A baby tests his boundaries and William, The Food Drive Kid, Skypes in to give us an update.  Tokyo gets Taco Bell again and you can now look for the Loch Ness Monster on Google Maps.  It’s Talk Like Shakespeare Day and a dad breathes like Darth Vader to put his baby to sleep.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A soldier surprise Photo bombs his son on Picture Day and Ben is pretty excited about getting the job.  A man kills a spider only to have hundreds of babies scatter and used soap gets a fresh start.  Rob wins the Office Olympics and he shows that he still has it.  Jim tries Aerial Yoga with Instructor, Kelly VanLeeuwen and shows his prowess amongst the silks.  The ever popular show, Full House, is having a reunion.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A teacher uses modeling gig to raise money for books and a girl breaks down after getting a puppy.  A woman crushes a steak eating contest and a Dachshund and a shot gun thwart crime.  Sophie the dog glides down a mountain and the accents in “AD The Bible Continues” all sound British.  A life-like Robot Receptionist helps customers and a couple finds a rare Beanie Baby.  A woman’s search for her biological parents leads her to her co-workers, a Boston Marathon bombing survivor crosses the finish line and Jamie Grace and three hundred others surprise a girl for her birthday.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A wedding party surprises Grandma Pat at the hospital and a Japanese Beauty Cream leaves hands smelling like cat paws.  Brad Finley is the overall winner in this year’s Rob’s Big Losers, Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with the Brrr-ito today and we have the Rob’s Big Losers final update.   HEAR IT HERE...
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