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Show Highlights


A dad tries to discipline his boys while laughing and the septuplets turn 16.  A Pygmy Marmoset loves the toothbrush and Jennifer Glover stops by the studio to talk about cooking.  A housekeeper is surprised with an amazing prank.  Two men try to ride all 46 rides at Disney in one day and Bear from NEEDTOBREATHE Skypes in to talk about the new songs.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Singers shock customers at Cracker Barrel and a Pit Bull faces his fear of doorways by walking in backwards.  Man sings at his wife and son’s memorial service and Amanda Williams Skypes in to talk about hospitality.  Family in Raleigh makes another viral video and we get a sneak peak of the new Peanuts Christmas movie coming out next year.  Pizza Hut stops by the studio with six new pizzas and a man solves the Rubik’s Cube blind folded in less than 30 seconds.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A little girl joins Santa for breakfast and an NFL Star walks away to follow his passion.  A TV Anchor wears the same suit every day to prove a point and an animal is born at the Topeka Zoo that is no bigger than a Sharpie.  Francine Bryson stops by the studio to talk Holiday cooking and a man discovers that he has a pea in his lung.  There is a global shortage of chocolate coming by 2020 and Casey Wickline Skypes in to talk about the US Bobsled team.   HEAR IT HERE...
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The happiest baby in the womb and a woman claims her dog can put people in a trance.  A cop replaces a boy’s stolen bike and an artist literally looks for a needle in a haystack.  Dishes that you don’t have to wash and Amber Tysl stops by the studio to talk Thanksgiving.  A couple get creative with their pregnancy announcement, a man uses 99 iPhones for his proposal and pronouncing Worcestershire Sauce.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Two women are already lined up for Black Friday and people vote on Jim’s Mission of Kindness.  A pastor in Florida preaches for over 53 hours and Jim leaves on his Mission of Kindness.  A teen rescues a cop from a burning car and Rob, Alison and Jim compete in building a snowman out of whip cream...Rob loses.    HEAR IT HERE...
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