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Show Highlights


The coolest furniture store commercial ever and a leaf blower vs. a bull dog is quite disturbing.  The veteran that saved a little girl from Katrina is looking for her ten years later and For King & Country is on Jimmy Kimmel.  Natalie Grant Skypes in from a New York cab and an uncle puts on a dress to help out his niece.  Using nail polish to dye Easter Eggs…but don’t eat it!   HEAR IT HERE...
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Officer helps woman finish her 10K and a Piranha feeding frenzy is caught on camera.  The sad beagle is adopted and an act of kindness leads to a big tip.  Some chickens are confused by the Solar Eclipse and a nine week old hears his mom for the first time.  The Meerkat app is the hottest of 2015 and a new protein bar contains cricket flour.  Tis the season for PEEP Dioramas and an adorable mammal is rediscovered in China.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Lisa Summey tells her story of what His Radio means to her and a man has a thirty day bug feast.  A baby cracks up over dogs and a laser pointer and a boy receives a postcard years after his dad’s death.  Lance pulls off a bank prank in Hollywood and a worker takes no sick days in fifty years.  A Chinese company builds a fifty-seven story skyscraper in nineteen days and a fifty-four year old breaks a pull up record.  Jeopardy has an awkward moment and Natalia Mayley Skypes in as one of Rob’s Big Losers.  #GoodAdvicein4Words trends on Twitter and Panda Poo Tea is quite expensive.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Rick Jackson is the Producer of the movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven and Smiley, the Golden Retriever is a Licensed Therapy dog that makes people smile.  Bikers help catch a dog that jumped out of a car and Troy Compton Skypes in as one of Rob’s Big Losers.  Michael W. Smith talks about being in the movie and a dog gets a yogurt container stuck on its head.  Some basketball players stand up for a bullied cheerleader and a cat has some unusual markings that make him an internet sensation.  Don Piper talks about the movie that tells his story and a donor’s life is saved during the surgery, a girl is sent home from school because of the color of her hair and Eva Piper talks about her husband’s movie.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Mark Hall sends out a video just before his surgery and Crumbs and Whiskers is a new Cat Café in DC.  A monk gives the appearance of praying in boiling oil and a teen spends the money that accidently shows up in his bank account.  Some people from Mexico try Taco Bell and the Touchless Toilet is a germaphobe’s dream.  Mom, Lisa Edge and daughter, Courtney Olivero Skype in as two of Rob’s Big Losers and milk and Coca Cola do weird things when you put them together.  A customer’s big tip gives the waiter a reason to smile, classmates organize a Prom for disabled kids and people rally to help a cook who lost his job.   HEAR IT HERE...
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