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Show Highlights


Most kids don’t like dark chocolate and Rob is not a fan either.  Blind and deaf dog from NC is found in Massachusetts and scholarships are set up in honor of the shooting victims.  We have the Lay’s Chip taste test and Lindsey Stemann stops by the studio to talk about Archer.  A new big brother is excited by the news, Brett Parks is in the studio telling us his story and a man finds himself locked in the Gym.    HEAR IT HERE...
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Inmates build a chair for the Pope’s visit and a baby meets the cat and freaks out.  A bird cracks up at playing in a box and a former football player fights a new battle.  A boy raises money selling free lemonade and for King & Country announce a new movie.  A morning Wal-Mart chant revs up the employees and Burger King invites McDonald’s to come together for Peace Day.  Students look up at this short teacher and Pamela shares her Thankful Thursday story.  A painting of Jesus is removed from a middle school and a cat that sits like a human.  Lizard Lick Towing’s Ronnie Shirley Skypes in to talk about his ministry and Julie tells us what she is thankful for.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A mom makes heart wrenching decision about her conjoined twins and a clumsy teen makes a costly mistake.  Hefty helps Blinkin get around and one school makes returning students feel like Rock Stars.  The man bun trend takes off and a church helps homeowners rebuild after wild fires.  Firefighters have fun with a lost phone and Elaine talks about her church family.  A man delivers puns in IKEA and a Resource Officer adopts an unadoptable boy.  Bonnie talks about her church family, Frances has a story about her late son and a couple eats their sixty year old wedding cake.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A NC boy calls 911 and saves his grandpa’s life and a young girl gets a 3-D Hand as a gift.  Ireland holds their Redhead Convention and a NC widower sings again despite his pain of loss.  Six year old girl has quite the passion for Zumba and Alison celebrates her one year anniversary at His Radio.  You can now get seaweed cut in the shape of cats and a lawyer helps fight fires with his own fire truck.  A dentist gives a homeless man a special smile and a dad entertains his cat and baby at the same time.  Jim gives Alison a compliment and a man dresses like the Royal baby for a week.   HEAR IT HERE...
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TC Stallings and Priscilla Shirer talk about the movie, War Room and Colton Dixon has a security fail at his concert.  A priceless DVD was found in a bookstore Bible and a young girl’s birthday wish benefits the hospital that helped her.  Stephen Kendrick talks about the movie, War Room and John Waller stops by the studio to do some music and talk about life.   HEAR IT HERE...
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