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Show Highlights


A student covers her car in Swarovski Crystals and a pancake artist creates The Beatles and beetles.  Eating loudly in the Library and a Middle School football team pulls off a clever trick play.  A dad and son from Charleston invent the Anti-Shark band and an 11 year old writes and records a rap for his special needs sister.  A romantic long distance proposal and an Ice Cream shop helps women in Rwanda and Haiti.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Two preschoolers argue about the weather and an electric powered wakeboard lets you go surfing without waves.  There is such a thing as a silly question and Candace Cameron Bure is Bean Boozled.  A lost pet is found in the house 30 years later and a mirror that takes selfies.  There is a diaper changing controversy at Chipotle and one woman makes millions opening toys and playing with them.  Men flee from a woman in a fat suit and a couple tip big for bad service.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Devon Still gives his daughter a pep talk before her cancer surgery and a skate park helps kids in Ethiopia.  A woman claims that her beard is the secret to her long marriage and a dog that goes grocery shopping.  A man that shows up in lots of people’s dreams and a couple complete a bucket list for their unborn baby.  A NY designer comes up with an iPhone dress and a young girl has her hair cut off for cancer patients.  Art made from Rice Krispie Treats and Alison brings in some GU to share.    HEAR IT HERE...
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An artist draws a baby through to when she is 80 and the Marshmallow Test can tell if you will be successful in life.  A man with Cerebral Palsy created mind-blowing art with his typewriter and the homeless get treated to a fancy dinner.  iPhone 6 is having some problems and making snow out of diapers.  One cashier keeps a long line and two Red Pandas need names.  Apollos Hester Skypes in from his home in Texas to give us a little motivation.    HEAR IT HERE...
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Horses with better costumes than you and a $7 alternative to the iPhone.  Some cats seem to be facing depression and a nurse agrees to adopt the son of a dying patient.  Jim takes the new Uber to Dunkin’ Donuts and the Mighty Mites football team can’t get through the banner.  Jeff Greenway from Faith Home Skypes in to talk about the new facility, a Hamster Wheel for the desk and Alison makes some ice cream for Rob and Jim.   HEAR IT HERE...
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