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Show Highlights


A Savannah boy conducts a smile experience and a new invention helps detect sour milk.  Drivers report driving through a cloud of cash and Don Piper of 90 Minutes in Heaven, Skypes in to talk about his experience.  Alison has the His Morning Crew try peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and there is a lion on the loose in Milwaukee.  Some dogs in Kansas City teach bullying prevention and Alison brings out the banana and mayonnaise combination.  Several people call in to share their take of the banana/mayo meal.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A little girl does big things for a son of one of the Charleston victims and the world’s steepest residential street.  A man kicks himself in the head 134 times in a minute on purpose and an off-duty firefighter fights crime.  One strawberry in Japan cost eight dollars and Toby Mac’s video includes his fans.  The NYC Ballet holds workshops for disabled kids.  Dave and JJ Heller stop by the studio for some fun and music.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Matt Hammitt of the group Sanctus Real, Skypes in to talk about some changes and The Blue Angels scare some beach goers.  New glasses help a baby see her parents and an Iowa pig thinks she’s a dog.  A miracle baby celebrates her first birthday and a City Hall turns into Kitty Hall.  It’s Thankful Thursday and we have many call in to share why they are thankful.  Mark Hall doesn’t want to paint his closet and a sixteen year old teaches English to immigrants.  Firefighters rescue a kitten from a wheel well and a Georgia church collects five tons of Oreos.  Nike releases shoes for people with disabilities and Jennifer Garner is shooting a Christian movie in Atlanta.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A little girl goes swimming in paint and a man pulls a shark back into the water.  KFC has come up with a new pizza and an officer helps a single mom of six caught stealing.  Gretchen Carlson gives us a tour of Fox News and a man is caught driving backwards on a busy road.  Rob and Alison run into Geraldo Rivera and Isaac tells about running into Bill Murray.  A man avoids baggage fees by wearing all his clothes and a dog saves a three year old from a bear.  A little girl turns lemons into love, Colton Dixon Skypes in to catch us up on things and we have an update on a homeless man.   HEAR IT HERE...
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We have a recap on the Luis Palau CityFest in New York and a dad finds out that he is too big for kid toys.  The Women’s US Soccer Team had a Ticker Tape Parade in NY and Greenville’s Benton Blount is advancing on America’s Got Talent.  Toby Mac talks about last weekend’s CityFest in NY and gets his phone hijacked by Rob and Alison.  A family of five move into a 300 square foot home and different names we call our mom.  Matt Redman talks about CityFest, Sandy has a theory about Toby Mac’s phone and a college student pays his parking tickets with pennies.   HEAR IT HERE...
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