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Show Highlights


A convoy of mail trucks visit a sick teen and a wife expresses her sense of humor on her husband’s wedding ring.  We meet some more of this year’s Rob’s Big Losers and Taco Bell is taking pre-orders for their mystery product.  Panthers vs. Broncos in the wild and Natalie Grant shares a miracle.  We’re celebrating World Nutella Day and Adam Agee made good on a challenge.  A Denver woman knits sweaters for 150 kids and a grocery store sells everything for 36 cents.  We call the winner for the Big Game Winner and The Kitten Bowl features feline football players.   HEAR IT HERE...
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108 year old shares secret to longevity and we meet some more of this year’s Rob’s Big Losers.  Parents strap a GoPro on their toddler during Hide and Seek and a university uses FitBit to fight the “Freshman 15”.  Military dad meets new quadruplets and Carol shares her cat story.  One year old hits the slopes on her snowboard and home makeovers in time for the Super Bowl.  Old jail is giving new life to former prisoners and Kim Dolan Leto Skypes in to talk faith and fitness.  The dancing barista video goes viral and some Panther wives live normal lives.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Kristie is encouraged by the song Flawless and an auto repair shop is run as a ministry.  We meet some more of this year’s Rob’s Big Losers and a little boy serenades his mom.  A teen born without limbs inspires a community and a nurse braves a blizzard to help patients.  Sue tells about her friend and Carla shares her story.  Tim builds some much needed steps and a woman wants free Kit Kats for life.    HEAR IT HERE...
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The Carolina Panthers take time for a disabled fan and we introduce you to some more of Rob’s Big Losers.  Hemi the cat is finally reunited with the family and a man with ALS takes one last trip to the Super Bowl.  Celebrating the 100th day of school with 100 steps and a Marine surprises his son at school.  Bacon Wrapped Pizza is back and Felicia Buffkin of NBC’s Biggest Loser updates us on her progress.  An entrepreneur decorates yards for Super Bowl, Men With Cats shatters stereotypes and pictures of a mom’s illustrated Bible go viral.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A dad’s funny call about PJs in the Car Line and a furnace repairman gives a mom a Deployment Special.  You can order Puppy Play Time from Uber and we introduce you to some more of Rob’s Big Losers.  A father and daughter have a Beat Box showdown and students surprise a dining hall employee with a dream trip.  A seven year old is going to the Super Bowl and a cat is still alive after an unusual rescue.  A man pays one million dollars for a picture of a potato, the DeLorean is coming Back to the Future and a little boy adorably recites the alphabet.   HEAR IT HERE...
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