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Show Highlights


A nine year old Piano Prodigy wows his fans and a toddler Chef cracks eggs like a pro.  Samsung makes a dog kennel that makes humans jealous and a Police Officer helps a hard working college student.  Rend Collective surprises someone with front row tickets and Lay’s is looking for new flavors for their chips.  A girl reunites with the Coroner who saved her life and a new roller coaster called Fury 325 opens at Carowinds.  A young girl in Seattle receives gifts from the Crows she feeds and the lead singer of Casting Crowns, Mark Hall, was diagnosed with cancer.  Barbers in Charlotte hope to cut crime and Laura Kay Skypes in to talk about being one of Rob’s Big Losers.    HEAR IT HERE...
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Wal-Mart Greeter is honored for saying “Have a Blessed Day” and a Japanese lady turns 117 years old.  A young fan gets to meet his hero and a viral video shows a hilarious review of Little Caesar’s Bacon Wrapped Pizza.  Ginger Bishop Skypes in as one of this year’s Rob’s Big Losers and adrenaline junkies raft down a waterfall.  A mom of a cyber-bullied toddler speaks out and a woman turns her home into a shrine to Coca Cola.  Rend Collective stops by the studio to have a little fun with His Morning Crew.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A toddler wants some “me” time and a three year old tries Pop Rocks for the first time.  David Todd is a Grand Master runner and a massive sausage is unveiled in Serbia.  A new Charleston mom battles cancer publicly and Jan Parr Skypes in to talk about her journey as one of Rob’s Big Losers.  Some kindhearted Chinese women feed 1300 dogs every day and we have an update on the friendship between a pre-schooler and ninety year old.  A Ukrainian man claims to have the world’s bushiest eyelashes and Buy Nothing Movement connects communities.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A man has a seizure while sky diving and we Skype with Brian Ivie, the Director of The Drop Box movie.  A man breaks through ice to save his dog and Chesney Maltby Skypes in as one of Rob’s Big Losers.  Matcha Tea is the new health craze and one couple celebrates 82 years of marriage.  Teens surprise a neighborhood by shoveling their sidewalks, Spock’s face shows up on Canadian Five Dollar bills and a young girl excels in gymnastics even though she is legally blind.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Lorraine Maxey Skypes in as one of Rob’s Big Losers and parents get tattoos that match their daughter’s birthmark.  A man reels in a 260 pound catfish and a local reporter makes national news with a snow face plant.  Llamas get loose in Phoenix and a homeless dog is rescued after ten years.  A tiny pony gets a periscope so he can see and a quiz tells Mandisa she’s Kelly Clarkson.  Myra Ruiz Skypes in to talk sleigh riding, a baby laughing video goes viral and a Sitting/Rising test predicts how long you’ll live.   HEAR IT HERE...
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