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Show Highlights


Col. Sanders is back America and a Price Is Right contestant crowd surfs his way down.  A boy helps a homeless man at Waffle House and a Fort Bragg soldier rescues crash victims.  Rob gets advice from Becca on crying at the wedding and a K-9 sings to honor fallen soldiers.  A student rejects all eight Ivy League schools and a prank puts a school up for sale.  A teacher donates her kidney to a student and Megan calls in to talk about her dad.  Scott gives Rob some advice about the wedding, Ginger calls in to tell Rob to chew gum and Alison plays a little of the movie Father of the Bride for Rob.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A stranger gives a boy with Autism a new bike and a man invents a toilet seat that glows in the dark.  Seniors wear matching ugly shirts in the yearbook and Jim gives some marriage advice on his twenty-sixth anniversary.  A ten year old girl’s lemonade stand raises money after a house fire and Becca calls in to talk about transitions.  A church in North Charleston is vandalized and the new Lego Hotel opens up in Florida.  Rob gets quit the response from his Facebook post and Abigail shares about a transition in her life.  Disney bans selfie sticks and Maggie shares about a transition.   The group, Consumed By Fire stops by the studio.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A man cleans out his garage and finds long lost Stained Glass windows and long lost sisters reunite at college.  A video of a South Carolina Police Officer playing football goes viral and a young engaged couple see themselves in their nineties.  Donna calls in to talk about connecting with her kids and a man sneezes out a toy from his childhood.  A man pranks his grandmother with a new car and Elaine talks about how she connects with her kids.  A woman graduates and gives birth on the same weekend and Elizabeth tells how she connects with her kids.  A woman eats a massive burrito in under two minutes and a teen graduates after a brain injury.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A man uses his pickup truck to find a wife and Brandon Heath is trying to send kids to camp.  Perhaps the loudest cat on the planet and a wife puts her husband up for sale to benefit a charity.  One neighborhood is terrorized by hawks and an EMT proposes to a woman he helped save.  A man gives the Squad car to the sons of the fallen officer and Anthony calls in with some good advice for graduates.  An Army hero surprises a Myrtle Beach third grader and a husband and wife run for the same political office.  A bone marrow donor attends a wedding twenty years later and McDonald's has a birthday.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A man rescues a woman trapped by tornado debris and Hawk Nelson’s song is used in a new TBS Comedy.  A grandma blows out her teeth and a local boy with brain cancer appears on The Ellen Show.  A Greenville woman wins big on The Rachael Ray Show and a man finally graduates from college at the age of ninety-four.  A worker gets caught on video doing something good and a widow and widower find love again.  Alison gives us lessons in Palindromes and a soldier surprises her single mom at graduation.  Jon from the group, Hawk Nelson, Skypes in to talk about their song for TBS and Project Gump is underway raising money for Hall STEPS Foundation.   HEAR IT HERE...
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