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Show Highlights


A boy finds $8000 at the park and cats love birthday cards.  Sidewalk Prophets talk about supporting His Radio and a wig invention helps kids.  Carrie shares what His Radio means to her and a couple get a bill from the wedding they missed.  Robin tells a story about a wedding, Bart Millard Skypes in for some fun and a kitten without back legs gets a wheelchair.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Pooch Selfie helps improve your dog selfies and an Officer helps a man by buying him a bike.  A stranger helped calm a baby on the airplane and we have a taste test with the Black Burger.  Elaine has a question about Sharathon and a robot stands in line for the new iPhone.  A dad is caught on video doing the dance moves, Sabrina doesn’t mind this weather and Pho Nomenal  from Raleigh wins The Great Food Truck Race.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A mom’s version of Hallelujah goes viral and Steven Curtis Chapman talks about supporting His Radio.  A woman buys coffee for the women who were bullying her and doing the right thing when you don’t have to.  Danny Gokey encourages us to support His Radio and Dale tells a story about doing the right thing.  Dominique wins the tickets on the His Radio App and Pope Francis meets Baby Pope.  Francesca Battistelli talks about supporting His Radio and Leigh tells her story of doing the right thing.  Mark Hall has a little vent session.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Vicki Taylor talks about His Radio and hundreds gather to build a playground for shelter kids.  Chonda Pierce encourages us to support His Radio and coyotes seem to be targeting cats in Mt. Pleasant.  How to make a deep fried pumpkin spice latte and Alison has a date night at Target.  Colton Dixon talks about supporting His Radio and Sylvia shares where she goes on date night.  Justin talks date night and “man buns” are causing problems.  Brandon Heath talks about supporting His Radio in the upcoming Sharathon and Ginny and Terri both have date night stories.    HEAR IT HERE...
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A Professor holds student’s toddler during class and the Pope’s visit is commemorated with food.  Alison is trying to find a new sound effect for Sharathon and a young boy trades his presents to help a K9 Officer.  Hillsong talks about supporting His Radio and Bart Millard of MercyMe likes to embarrass his kids.  Tony tells us how he embarrassed his daughter and Jim gets some phone training.  Jessica embarrasses her daughter and David Crowder talks about the ministry of His Radio.  We have the Crouton recap.   HEAR IT HERE...
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