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Show Highlights


A Japanese Artist carves faces in Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and brave neighbors recue an elderly woman from a house fire.  A dad and son create some amazing pancake art and a fish house holds a special place in a woman’s heart.  A dad catches a foul ball while holding a baby and Blake Jeffers Skypes in as a front runner for a new Travel Channel show.  Many call in and share what they are thankful for on Thankful Thursday.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A homeless man returns a purse to a woman with cancer and a squirrel dive bombs the Phillies dugout.  A cat goes on a joy ride in an airplane wing and a bulletin board a dollar bills brings out the best in people.  A woman keeps kids fed during the summer break, Renee shares her Pay It Forward story and Jeremy and Kristin from King Of Pops stop by the studio.   HEAR IT HERE...
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We have the Charleston update and a study shows that everyone remembers their first car.  A young boy donates his birthday money to kids of fallen Officer for Father’s Day and there was a Unity Walk across Ravenel Bridge.  We have a Pay It Forward winner and Alison surprises Rob and Jim with some Father’s Day messages.  Steven Curtis Chapman Skypes in to talk about the song he wrote for Charleston and the Bolt Family stop by the studio to tell their story.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A Clemson Stuffed Tiger is named after a late toddler and Lisa shares about hope.  Matthew West talks hope in light of the tragedy in Charleston and Katherine shares her story.  Danny Gokey knows all about hope in his life and the Pay It Forward Challenge ends tomorrow.  Natalie Grant shares what it means to have hope and Julie calls in to share hope with the people of Emanuel A.M.E. church.  Getting some ideas about the Morning Show in Charleston and Kim Dolan Leto Skypes in to talk fitness.  Owen Lake lost his favorite stuffed animal at the Tampa Airport and Chris Tomlin shares about hope.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Christian millionaire shares his conversion story and a boy plays one hundred holes of golf in memory of a friend.  The Toe Wrestling World Championship took place in England and some people like to mix there cereal.  Alison makes us some ice cream and Don shares his choice of mixing.  Kay calls in about mixing cereal and Jamie Grace Skypes in to talk from her tour bus.   HEAR IT HERE...
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