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Show Highlights


Kimberly Kelly says goodbye to the Morning Show and one sheep avoids a haircut for 6 years.  We take the Confetti Bucket Challenge and its Bacon Labor Day in Simpsonville SC.  GoPro for your dogs and one guy makes a movie trailer for his proposal.  Mile Cyrus’ date to the VMA’s turns himself in and best friends find out that they are brothers.  Great video for quitting your job and Mary Poppins movie is 50 years old.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A Blue Lobster is caught off the coast in Maine and there is now a desk top microwave.  Mom makes creative lunches for her student and Full House is talking revival of the show.  Joel from for King & Country Skypes in from his tour bus and it turns out that Hello Kitty is not a kitty.  It’s Bow Tie Day and Ryan Boyle stops by the studio to talk about competing as a paracyclist.  An athlete with Cerebral Palsy is first to complete the Ironman and WiFi failure means that people have to talk.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A dad makes a homemade hovercraft for his kids and a solar company helps poor families in India.  An 11 year old invents an IV Backpack and amazing kid science projects.  Elephants dance to the sound of a violin and some kid-friendly one-liner jokes.  Some cats play Star War games when the humans are not around and a pit bull loves playing with bubbles.  The five most bizarre products to buy for your pet and the most dangerous selfie ever.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A Praise Mob in Birmingham and an update of Surfers Healing.  10 days of gratitude and its National Dog Day.  We take a virtual roller coaster ride and Billy Crystal gives a heart-warming tribute of Robin Williams.  A new report says that teens should sleep in and a soldier gets a pleasant surprise on vacation.  Amy Purdy shows off her prosthetics on the red carpet and Mark Cuban’s endorsement shuts down the company’s website.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Dads respond to Disney’s Frozen and the Hoverbike aims to take aviation to a new level.  Surprising facts about the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and a cop helped a man in a wheelchair who was stuck in the rain.  Miley Cyrus is in the news for a good reason and sitting is the new smoking.  Man collects his nail clippings in a jar and Millie the dog brings in the groceries.  Scrabble every day keeps the doctor away and parents dance with the Bride and the Groom.   HEAR IT HERE...
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