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Show Highlights


An impressive looking Gothic Castle in Connecticut is for sale and a dog helps a man through some tough times.  How to make the World’s Best Paper Airplanes and a Homecoming Queen that is also the Star Kicker of their football team.  A butterfly gets a front seat at a Flute Concert and a furious motorist drives his car off the Tow Truck.  A dog goes crazy over an iPad game and dads that love their daughters.  Brandon Heath stops by the studio to have some fun.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A purse made from recycled dog hair and Food Trucks that embrace the puns.  Peyton Manning surprises a fan and a famous cat that looks like a vampire.  A very expensive app and Rachel Ramsey Cruze Skypes in to talk about saving money at Christmas.  Central Perk opens in New York City today and Miss America gets criticism for her talent.   HEAR IT HERE...
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An adorable child struggles with the water fountain and an artist uses boring walls on a building to create scenes.  A News Anchor battles with brain cancer and today is Play-Doh Day.  Drive-by compliments and a teen poses with his cat for his Senior Picture.  Aaron Shust sends us a video while working with Compassion International and new millionaires keep their part-time job.  Kevin Bond Skypes in from the hospital and Kevin Sorbo Skypes in from his home in L.A.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Stylist carves intricate designs into hairy chests and a self-taught Horse Whisperers shares a magical bond with majestic creatures.  A toddler freaks out after her dad shaves and Elizabeth Holland from WBTW shares some early morning tips for Alison.  A 17 year old invents a Smart Gun that unlocks with fingerprints and Facebook apologizes and offers to help with a sick infant.  A 12 year old invents a Save Me app and a dad records a training video for his kids.   HEAR IT HERE...
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A dog finds her happy place on a baby swing and cities that have a growing population.  A dad uses his baby’s onesie to propose and teens try their hand at Nintendo NES.  Smart Phones may be doing more damage to our health than we thought and a homeless couple find a lost child.  A Bride moves her wedding date up so that she can dance with her dad before he passes away and there are bets on what the new Royal Baby’s name is going to be.   HEAR IT HERE...
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