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Show Highlights


Happy Anniversary to Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes and Alison gets free food when she forgets her wallet.  We have a Thanksgiving Giveaway and a pregnancy is revealed by playing the Whisper Challenge.  We play the Whisper Challenge in the studio and lots of Meteorologists are wearing the same dress.  Cathy wins the Thanksgiving Giveaway on the App and Denise talks about her Thanksgiving plans.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Baby Kaleb is a miracle and Cole is our story this morning for the Blessing Project.  Last chance to vote on the Christmas Card outfits and the Gerber Baby turns 89.  The two headed sweater wins the vote and the Dressing vs. Stuffing debate continues.  Tony, Cathy and Debra call in to give their opinions on the debate and Rob talks about his Clemson Football experience.   HEAR IT HERE...
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Food Instagrammers make some big bucks and Alison picks out some clothes for Rob and Jim to wear for the Christmas card.  A Charlotte pastor speaks about losing his leg and Rob Echols tells his story about the recent flood.  Inmates rehabilitate stray cats and a man opens his home to strangers for Christmas.  A businessman buys meals for four hundred strangers, a senior creates building blocks for homeless kids and Steven Curtis Chapman Skypes in to talk about his tour and the coming holidays.   HEAR IT HERE...
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The Blessing Project is in full swing and a kitten takes a ride on the back of a dog.  A little boy upset by homelessness does something about it and James shares his thoughts on helping others.  A Japanese man invents the Selfie Arm and Joel of for King & Country, talks about his movie.  Ginny Owens shares about using her iPhone, right Twix vs. left Twix and Matt Maher Skypes in from the road.   HEAR IT HERE...
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TSA takes a five year old’s toy and these socks keep bad odor at bay.  The Hug Lady gets hugs at the hospital and a marathon runner refuses to quit.  A South Carolina man’s kindness goes viral and Alison shares some of her Discount Grocery discoveries.  The Acro Cats bomb their performance on The Late Show and Chris Brown talks finances during the Christmas holiday.  A local teen with Cerebral Palsy has a WWE dream come true, Kim Dolan Leto talks fitness and healthy eating during the holidays and a teacher starts each day in an amazing way.   HEAR IT HERE...
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