Rob's Big Losers 2012

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Meet Rob's Big Losers 2012. You can follow thier journey and read their  featured blogs every week. Each of the 32 people are on the same plan that Rob Dempsey was on 7 years ago when he lost 140 lbs. They will inspire you to being your own journey to health.

Be sure to check in daily and read the real stories from people sharing from their heart. Plus, every morning Rob & Leslie will catch you up on His Radio with one of Rob's Big Losers on the air. Miss the converation HEAR IT HERE







Shane Cody
First things first I want to give a big hoorah to my teammate Jamie for bring home the win!!! She has to be one the most positive people I have ever met. I have enjoyed getting to know her and her wonderful children. I have gained so much more than a healthier lifestyle from this journey. I have found a new group of friends that have truly embraced each other. Kiersten especially was a tough competitor, from the beginning her drive was evident. I know that I wouldn't have made it passed the 1st week without my wife pushing me. And I sure would not have lost the 84 pounds that I did, or increased my pushups by 30. At the first assesment I couldn't even do 1 situp and now I can do over 30. I even competed in a bike race Sat evening after the 5k and finished 5th among about 25 people most of them barely out of their teens. I plan to keep going. We have plans to run in 2 more 5ks and I've been invited to join some of the guys from my fire dept in a 25 story stair climbing competition. I ask that everyone continue to remember me in your prayers. When I look back at this opportunity Phillipians 1:3 comes to mind "I thank my God every time I remember you"

George Hicks
The 5K was a terrific finale for this 2012 RBL experience. The detailed e-mail preparing us for the 5K was a blessing. My wife prepared a healthy breakfast that gave me energy for the race. When I arrived at Eastside, it was fun fellowshipping with the other RBL team members. The amount of love, energy, and support at the 5K was amazing. I don't know how I would have finished the race without not only my family's and Rob's support but also the preparation from Nina and Jeff at GHS Y. My wife and daughters were yelling encouragement for me at the start line. Unfortunately, I was stretching and did not hear them. They kidded me that I must have been in the zone. Rob ran with me for most of the race. I was in Nashville this week at a conference. I exercised but did not have time to jog. At the beginning of the race, many excuses ran through my mind of why I should not expect to finish in less than 29 minutes. Rob pushed, challenged, and encouraged me. The highlight of the race was seeing my wife and daughter cheering me on at Eastside High School. They had prepared signs that said Team George. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and am a big Tar Heel fan. My family had their Tar Heel gear on, and I was humbled by the love that they showered on me. I saw them during the last third of the 5K. The final hill was challenging, but it was easier to run because of the energy boost that my family gave and the inspiration that Rob provided. This 5K was so amazing. Seeing the RBL team's commitment and observing the support of family and friends was terrific. A member of our church even came to offer encouragement and support. She and my family prayed and cheered me through the race. I'm so happy that Jaime won. We normally see each other at least 1-2 times a month when our families eat after church. Jaime was this year's Rob Big Loser, but all of us are winners. This phase of RBL is over for me. I'm excited about stepping into a lifetime of being healthy!