The Books in Barbershops Program Seeks to Raise Local Literacy Rate!

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 by Jim Mann

Sometimes it seems like we are too small to do anything that will affect the community that we live in. We wait for someone else to do the big thing and then maybe we can get involved somehow. Atleast that's my story most of the time. But that's not the case with Pastor CT Kirk and his wife, Monique, of the Sanctuary of Life Outreach Center in Rock Hill. They saw a need in Rock Hill and they put together a plan to help meet that need. Their goal is to raise the literacy rate in the children of Rock Hill. Both being educators, they know that the more a child reads, the more they begin to enjoy books. And that causes an increase in knowledge, comprehension levels, reasoning abilities and many more benefits.

That's how Books in Barbershops came about. They place books for kids of several reading levels in barbershops all throughout Rock Hill. As the kids wait for their haircuts or wait on dad, they pick up a book and start reading. Simple and practical idea that's already having an impact. What can each of us do to meet a need in our community? Keep it simple...they always work the best!

Photo Credit: FOX 46

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